Week 5 Mission Statements/The Hard Times

Feb. 20 Agenda

Quiz on Chapter 5

Mission Statements

Today your team will start to define your target readership and your magazine’s mission.

A good magazine mission statement:

  • Describes the publication
  • Defines how the publication is different from the competition
  • Defines how the audience benefits from reading the publication
  • Should be short and pithy (usually about 3-4 sentences)
  • Captures the spirit and tone of the magazine

Clarify Your Magazine’s Mission Statement, WestGold Editorial

Examples of Magazine Mission Statements:

New York Magazine

The Atlantic




High Times

Archer Magazine


Family Circle

Rolling Stone

Travel & Leisure

Darling Magazine

In your teams…

  1. Write a mission statement for your magazine
  2. Describe three target readers: Give each one a name, age, profession, interests, personality traits
  3. Think about what each of these target readers need and how you will serve those needs

Homework: Identify your direct competition and other magazines in your space. Think about how your magazine will be different. What will you offer that these magazines don’t? Come ready to discuss on March 6.

Next week: Field trip to Maker Media, 1160 Battery St #125, San Francisco, CA 94111

From SF State, take the M to Embarcadero Station. Walk to Market Street and Main Street and take the F streetcar north toward Fishermans’s Wharf. Get off at Embarcadero and Greenwich Street and walk two blocks to 1160 Battery St. You can also walk from Embarcadero Station to Maker Media; it’s about a 17-minute walk. The whole trip from school should take 50-75 minutes. Please plan to arrive by 4 p.m.



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