Week 7 Meet Reid Cammack/Midterm Review

Today we’ll meet SFSU journalism alum Reid Cammack, now creative director for Gloss.

Current issue

We’ll then review for the midterm exam, scheduled for Tuesday, March 13. The midterm will cover Chapters 1-10 of the textbook plus some of the issues we’ve been discussing in class.

You’ll then work in your teams to discuss design issues.


  1. What kind of mood do you want your magazine to evoke in readers?
  2. What colors and tones convey that mood (bright, cheerful colors? earth tones? neon? calm, restful colors)?
  3. Look at logos for other magazines. Which come close to what you want for your publication?
  4. Start designing a logo.
  5. Look at Color palettes. Which might be good for your publication?

Design Worksheet

Free logo makers:

Readings on Magazine Design:


Some things we haven’t covered that you’ll need for your midterm exam:


  • Magazine Terminology: Business
  • Magazine Terminology: Production/Parts of a Magazine
  • Magazine Personalities
  • Magazine Concepts

To review for the midterm exam:

  1. Read Chapters 1-10 of the textbook
  2. Review past quizzes
  3. Look over these class presentations:
  1. Read more at:



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I'm an associate professor of journalism at San Francisco State University, where I teach Introduction to Online Journalism, Reporting, Newswriting and other courses and advise Golden Gate [X]press, the student newspaper. I was a daily newspaper reporter for 15 years and I've written for many magazines and websites, including TIME, U.S. News & World Report, Prevention, Health, Reader's Digest, lime.com and CNN.com.

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