Week 10 Media kits/Defining Your Audience and Its Needs

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This week we’ll discuss how to define and target an audience and how to use needfinding experiments to better understand potential readers and their needs. You’ll also start to plan the media kit and prototype for your magazine.
First we’ll look at some magazine media kits to see what other magazines learn about their readers:

Top 10 Media Kit Tips for Magazine Publishers

Discussion questions:

1) Who are your target readers?

2) What are their needs?

3) How can your publication fulfill those needs?

Using the Needfinding Toolkit, design a needfinding experiment that will help you get to know your target readers and their needs. It can be a focus group, an online questionnaire or a series of one-on-one interviews. Unlike with most journalism assignments, you MAY interview friends, relatives, roommates, co-workers but they must be in the target audience for your publication. Draft questions that will help you understand your target readers and their needs better. You may ask specific questions about the type of content your publication should include, advertisers that would appeal to readers, logos, design, story ideas, etc.

Assignment: As a group or individually, do one-on-one interviews or lead a focus group for target readers of your magazine. Ask people about their needs (related to the topic of your magazine) and how a publication like yours could provide solutions.  Include the results of this needfinding research.

A report on your needfinding assignment is due April 10.


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